Kirin Loomis

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

National Board-Certified Health and Wellness Coach

Welcome to Wellness

Wellness is a lifelong journey, the sum of thousands of little choices.

  • Shall I play with my daughter or clean the garage?
  • Which do I want more, to eat the cookie or to be thinner?
  • Do I pay attention to signals from my body, or does my mind decide?
  • Do I want a slow and peaceful life, or do I want intensity and adventure?
  • How do I want my choices to add up?

(Hint: There are no wrong answers, only YOUR answers.)

If your choices are not yet getting you the life you want, it may be time to try something different–a health coach! A health coach is a companion for your personal journey. Kirin can accompany you through each of those choices, listening to what you want and helping you to achieve your dreams. Learn more about her coaching and other services here or schedule your free Welcome Call now.

Chatty Check in:

Companion Services by Kirin


Chatty Check in

Would you enjoy a friendly chat each week? As things change we could find  ourselves feeling lonely, with one day the same as the next. They don’t have to. Kirin is an experienced counselor, good listener, and friend. You will look forward to your personal attention with her each week, whether you choose phone, Zoom, or a coffee shop. (Boulder, CO area only)

The ideal gift for you or a loved one. Peace of mind and pleasant conversation in one breezy, personalized weekly chat.

Affordable introductory prices! Email Kirin for information and to book.

One month package, 1/2 hour per week, $195
One month package, 1 hour per week, $225
Three month package, 1/2 hour per week, $295
Gift certificate available for presentation.

Available now! Move forward with a fresh perspective!


Joy is a signpost that tells us we’re on the right path.