About Kirin

Kirin’s attitude toward life is to enjoy it all. Some experiences are joyful with no effort at all, and others could be summed up as “learning experiences.” But if you value learning, then it’s all good!

At one point she was having a lot of difficulty keeping her kitchen tidy. She knew she was intelligent enough to keep it clean; it was not mentally challenging. It was also not physically difficult; you pick up a dish from here and you put it over there, and you wipe the counter where the dish was. So what made it hard? She finally realized she had some deep beliefs holding her back: It’s not supposed to be this way. I shouldn’t have to do this. It’s hard. I don’t have to do it now, I can do it later. With the help of a colleague’s skillful questions, she discovered that each of those thoughts was just a belief, not a fact, and that she could change them if she wanted to.

A change in perspective made all the difference. It was much easier to keep her kitchen neat once she realized that it could be simple to clean up right away, that no one else was going to do it for her, and that she could welcome the opportunity rather than resent it. Since then she has helped hundreds of people to overcome challenges, whether similar to hers or quite different.

A more challenging “learning experience” came in the form of digestive issues, starting in 2011. Having been a happy omnivore all her life, she became unable to digest certain foods, but it took her a long time to discover which ones they were. How much of her weight gain was fat, and how much was swelling due to inflammation? For a while her symptoms were so severe that she could have died if she had followed the mainstream advice to “eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.” She got some relief by eating only rice and meat until her system settled down. At the current point in her food journey, she can eat anything, but she knows some foods will pull her down, and she sticks with the ones that lift her up. When working with clients, she is open to all the various ways that people relate to food, and she listens to their goals and helps them decide what steps to take first. She would have loved to have her own health coach back in those early days when the learning curve was steep.

Kirin has worked extensively with teenagers and young adults, with highly successful business owners, with the elderly, and just about everyone in between. Her specialty? People who are facing change. Whether eagerly or with resistance, whether by choice or forced by life circumstances, these clients benefit from support and encouragement to “get the job done.” Most people, no matter where they start, can move, with some effort and nurturing, to a place of greater ease and joy on their way toward optimal well-being.

Kirin’s other interests include time with her friends and daughters, cooking, gardening, hiking in the Colorado Rockies, and watching the bunnies in her backyard. She is always happy to talk about human evolution and levels of consciousness.

Kirin Loomis is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC), and she has worked as a counselor for over twenty years. She has spoken at the International Conference on Positive Aging in Washington, DC, and has worked with individual clients on four continents (via phone and Zoom). In addition to offering private sessions and workshops, she designs and teaches master classes to help her colleagues enhance their health coaching skills.

Professional Career

After teaching French and German for several years in Ames, Iowa, Kirin decided she wanted to spend more time speaking English with adults, so she became a counselor and teacher at the Option Institute International Teaching and Learning Center in Massachusetts. Due to connections made there, she was invited to move to Hawaii and work as a counselor and teacher while helping to create an exclusive addiction treatment center. She currently resides in Colorado, and her newest career adventure is the result of a year of training by the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and her success on the national board exam. For Kirin this carries forward the best of what she loved about counseling, while adding a fresh perspective with a focus on all aspects of health.


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