What I Offer:  (Phone or via Zoom)

Jump-Start Your Joy!

(a month of weekly individual sessions to get you going)

Looking for more fun and less drudgery in your life?

Do you have a strong facade, yet need a bit of support for taking the next step?

Why do things seem so much easier for everyone else?

With experience in functional medicine and positive psychology, Kirin listens deeply and asks clarifying questions to help you discover exactly what you want and how to get there.

Together with Kirin, you create a plan that is a good fit for your goals and dreams, whether they seem small or large.

Joy can be the jump-up-and-down excited kind of joy, or it may be a yummy glow that you feel all day. It doesn’t have to wait until everything else has changed. Start yours today!

Once you focus on what you really want and resolve any roadblocks you may have within you, you can move forward faster than you could ever have imagined. If you prefer to design your own program pleace reach out. Kirin will be happy to collaborate with you. Together you can create something special. 

Ultimate Care Package

(six months of consistent support for lasting change)

For deeply-ingrained habits or chronic conditions, a longer period of support is beneficial.

Have you tried to make changes and then relapsed because you withdrew your supports too soon?

Give yourself the opportunity to anchor the changes that you have dreamed of.

Along the way you will more deeply understand your “operating system”–the perspectives that got you here. You will find the internal switches to flip if you want your outcomes to change.

Bring back that dream person you once hoped you could become.

Skill Refinement
Master Classes
for Certified Health Coaches

Lecture, discussion, and practicum to hone your coaching skills

One three-hour class per month

Contact Kirin directly to see what topic is coming up next.

CEU’s pending; ask for details.


Kirin helps you to see who you really are–and like your real self.