Kirin listens…  she gives me space to find answers within myself.

What a big difference it made, in just four sessions!

I got so much out of my sessions with Kirin. Her questions helped me find my way back to ME, and we found ways to get me going toward my goals when I was stuck. Thank you SO MUCH, Kirin!

You’re the best!

JH, Physician, New Zealand

Kirin has unique, powerful communication skills! She listens with intelligence (Mensa member) and without prejudice; I feel heard when we talk. She is knowledgeable about traditional treatment modalities and alternatives that can be tailored to individual preferences and needs.

DA, Colorado

Kirin creates a safe environment for me to share my vulnerable thoughts and emotions. She is very present during our entire session and I feel her actively listening before she asks to share her insights or techniques to help me understand a new perspective on an emotion or situation I am dealing with.

IR, Minnesota

Kirin listens, and with her empathy and intuition combined with her life experiences and background in rehabilitative counseling she is able to ask great questions.  Then she gives me space to find answers within myself.

James Francis, Colorado

I have been working with Kirin for some time now.  I love how she is really able to hear me in a non-judgmental and accepting manner.  And from that place, she is able to ask me open-ended questions which allow me to get a deeper understanding of myself and an opportunity for change and improvement.  Unlike other people in my life who are giving unsolicited advice, Kirin allows me the space to come to my own advice.

S, New York

Before I met Kirin, I had wanted to make some improvements in a few habits surrounding food that were bothersome to me. With Kirin’s help, I was able to focus more directly and prioritize one or two to look at. Together, we considered some possible underlying issues surrounding the habits I wanted to change, and then we made a step-by-step plan with concrete, achievable goals to work towards those changes. What I liked best about Kirin’s approach, was her upbeat, positive attitude that helped me to be pleased with my accomplishments and to not beat myself up when there were failures. When we concluded our time together, I felt I had the tools and confidence I needed to continue my progress.

Jeanne Aiken, SC

Kirin helped me to see some things I was unaware of doing, and it was actually simple to change them. What a big difference it made, in just four sessions!

SB, Naturopath, Canada

Kirin has a lot of wisdom and compassion and perspective to share. She’s a great communicator and listener and gave me very specific useful suggestions. I enjoyed working with her.

Lisa, Colorado

I always hang up from talking with Kirin feeling better and more at ease. Her knowledge and guidance help me figure out what’s best for me on my terms in my life. If she has suggestions, I like that she asks if I’m open to hearing them. Even then, her input comes across as a genuine suggestion for me to decide if I want to take action.

A keen listener, Kirin’s focus is on me as an individual and she assists me at my pace. She’s easy to talk with, is caring, and very encouraging.

RA, Life Coach, New York

When I met Kirin, I could tell immediately that she was a kind and caring person. Her approach fit perfectly with my needs and personality; and I always came away from our meetings feeling better, encouraged and with regained perspective. After the first time we met, my state of mind steadily improved, with coping tools and the knowledge that someone else was on my side and rooting for me. She has been a blessing to me.

LF, Colorado


Every experience is an opportunity for our souls to grow.